Streamlined, Functional & Innovative Medical Scrubs

Feel the super-soft, lightweight, moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant blend of our in-house fabrics. This future-forward material provides you with the freedom to move, giving you the optimal amount of stretch for comfort without compromising durability.

For an extra level of personalisation we also offer embroidery.



Our advanced designs are created to impress and enable you to buy quality medical and dental uniforms that give you the freedom to fulfil your role.


Experience the innovative and practical stylish simplicity - keeping utility for everyday efficiency top-of-mind. We make it easier for you to do your job by completing our dental, nurse, and medical uniforms fit-for-purpose with hidden zipper pockets and concealable ID loop tags.

Dental Uniforms and Nursing Scrubs With A Difference

If you're looking to buy scrub uniforms, JOGO is more than meets the eye with our intuitive approach to medical work gear. Our brand introduces you to some of the most innovative clothing that gives you the confidence to do your job at an incredibly consistent level of comfort.

The scrubs you're required to use every day on the job just got a lot more fashionable. Enjoy comfort that never fades, making our creations more than enjoyable to wear for hours on end.

designed by health professionals

Two Australian health professionals started JOGO who wanted to create clothing they would feel confident dressing in daily. With our long expertise in using this gear daily, we knew there were fabrics to make this experience better for each individual.

We aim to contribute to a broader message that health professionals are multifaceted. Just as our collections are more than they appear, so too are the wearers of our apparel. Your workwear can be as individual as you are.



From quality stitching, breathable material and innovative design, experience the difference to your workday when wearing our medical, dental and nursing scrubs and apparel.

We offer a range of colours to match your style and can give you a point of difference with our personalised embroidery. Our brand aims to exceed your expectations and provide consistent, quality Australian - designed attire that will bring you the confidence to do your job comfortably. We believe in offering our customers exceptional service and support at all times, giving us a reputation that extends beyond our successful product line.